Tollywood in the grip of drug net-12 film personalities served notices

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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Prohibition and Excise Director Akun Sabharwal today said that notices have been sent to the film personalities in connection with the narcotic drugs investigation that is going on. They were asked to present before SIT from July 19 to 27.

Akun Sabharwal said that seven of the film personalities have acknowledged the notice and five of have yet to accept them. He said that the father of a person in question refused to receive it. In another case, there was difficulty in locating a woman’s address, he said. All were likely to accept the notices by Saturday. He said that serving notices did not mean all of them were at fault. They can appear before the Special Investigation Team and explain their version, he clarified. The level of involvement of the 12 Telugu film industry persons varied from case to case.

The Prohibition and Excise officials caught an event manager Piyoosh on Friday and recovered some drugs from him. He claimed to have secured the drugs by placing order online. He was the key person to schoolchildren and college students, said an official.

Akun Sabharwal said that he was going on ten day leave. When a media person asked him about the mounting pressure from higher ups, he responded that he was getting hundred percent support from the government and other departments. He was going to his native place and laughed about the reports of pressure from top people.

The SIT that served notices to film personalities includes top director Puri Jagannath, actors Ravi Teja, P.Navadeep, Tarun Kumar, A.Tanish and P.Subbaraju, actress Charmee Kaur, supporting actress Mumait Khan, cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, singer Ananda Krishna Naidu and director Chinna N.Dharma Rao. Movie Artistes Association said that it would not stand by those involved in the drugs usage.

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