Swamy Swaroopananda to approach High Court over the appointment of Singhal as EO, TTD

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sarada Peethadipati Swamy Swaroopananda Swamy said that he would approach the High Court challenging the government appointing Anil Kumar Singhal as the Executive Officer of TTD.

Speaking to media here today on Sunday, he termed the appointment as unfortunate as Singhal hails from north India. He questioned why the government has transferred D.Sambasiva Rao and appointing an officer to the post who does not know even to write or to read Telugu for the highest post.

Swamy Swaroopananda said that he would take the legal recourse in the issue. He further said that appointing political unemployees as members of TTD will cause damage to the TTD.

In the backdrop of criticism coming up from officers from the State and peethadipadits, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan responded through tweet.

Pawan tweets:

“I am not against ‘North Indian IAS’ officials taking charge of TTD. But would they allow any South Indian to take up the administrative position in sacred shrine of North India like ….Amarnath Varanasi and Madhura etcetra ..’So, when they don’t allow South Indians to head such … why should South Indians accept this. I wonder how TDP and Hon.Chief Minister allowed it to happen. They owe an explanation to the people of Andhra Pradesh and South.

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