SC Cooperative Finance Corporation to extend help to 1,26,519 beneficiaries

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Andhra Pradesh Scheduled Castes Co-operative Corporation will benefit 1,26,519 beneficiaries with an out lay of Rs.2,176.99 crore said its chairman Jupudi Prabhakar.

Speaking to media, Jupudi said that the outlay would comprise subsidy of rs.1,150.53 crore, bank loan of Rs.846.30 crore and Central Government’s National Scheduled Castes Financial Development Corporation loans Rs.120 crore. He said that the corporation will address 20 lakh families across the Tate with an aim to provide Rs.10,000 income to one person in a family.

He said that some bankers are not coming forward to support the scheme and the Corporation is interacting with the bankers and conducting workshops to them making them to realize their responsibility towards serving weaker sections. He said that the aim of the corporation is to reach to the unreached areas by using promotional activities such as street plays, wall-writings and distribution of pamphlets.

The Corporation has recently distributed 125 high-end Innova cars to the beneficiaries and under Land Purchasing Scheme, 4,000 acres of land were set aside for them. He added that the corporation has decided to distribute 200 Innova cars and 30 public supply vehicles with the support of NSFDC loans.

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