Murder of Chittoor Mayor Katari Anuradha and her husband Katari Mohan

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On 17 November 2015, Chittor City Municipal Corporation Mayor Katari Anuradha and her husband Katari Mohan were murdered in the Mayor's office.


Chandrasekhar alias Chintu, is the prime accused in the double murder of the Mayor couple. He is a relative of the deceased. He reportedly admitted to the SIT officials that he murdered the couple. During questioning, Chintu said that Sivaprasad Reddy had helped him in the murder.

P Sivaprasad Reddy — He is the 38th division corporator in Chittoor town. On 16 December, Sivaprasad was taken by SIT officials for questioning and was let off at 11 pm. The next day, Sivaprasad Reddy committed suicide by hanging from a ceiling fan.


The SIT is investigating the case.

On 17 December 2015, P Sivaprasad Reddy, an accused in the case committed suicide. On 16 December, the SIT officials who were investigating the case have taken Sivaprasad Reddy for questioning.He was let off at 11 pm. The next morning, Sivaprasad Reddy bolted himself in the room and hanged himself from a ceiling fan. Sivaprasad's mother and former corporator Kousalaya alleged that her son was cruelly tortured by the SIT officials and due to the mental agony, he resorted ot suicide. Followers of Sivaprasad observed bandh in Mittur and Old Bus Stand areas in the town.

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