Minister’s comments on ‘beer is a health drink ‘ creates controversy

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The remarks of Excise Minister Kothapalli Samuel Jawahar that beer is a ‘health drink’ has snowballed into a controversy with the YSRCP raising a hue and cry over it.

It may be recalled that the Excise Minister in an interview to a TV Channel said that the State government was planning to promote beer as a health drink. When the anchor questioned in which why it was a health drink, the Minister invited her to a meeting where he could list out the scientific reasons.

YSRCP MLA R.K.Roja reacted sharply and asked what was preventing the TDP government from selling beer in medical shops and distributing it as a nutritional supplement to newborns, pregnant women and students in general if it is a health drink. She said that she did not expect such a remark from the Minister. She said that the State government was unmoved with the plight of the farmers, unemployed youth and DWCRA group members. She said that the government was more interested in filling its coffers than the welfare of the people.

The interview of the Minister went viral in social media.

Minister clarifies:: Meanwhile, Jawahar has asserted that his view point on beer was twisted to its convenience by a private television channel. ‘I tried to say that the beer contained only 4 alcohol while liquor contains 40 to 60%. The liquor is ten times dangerous than beer, he said The select portion of the video clipping of the interview went viral on social media. The government’s sole objective was to make the State ID liquor-free State through Navodayam.

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