Kakinada Municipal Corporation elections – live updates

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Friday, September 1, 2017

The counting of votes for the election of corporators for Kakinada Municipal Corporation began today at 8am at Rangaraya Medical College. As many as 14 counting tables were arranged. The counting process will be held in 21 rounds. Final results are expected by 12noon.

Lead: 48/48



1st Division – Perabattula Lovababu (TDP)
2nd Division - Sattebabu (TDP)
4th Division – P.Surya Kumari (YSRCP)
5th Division - Sujata (BJP)
6th Division - Bandi Satyanarayana (TDP)
7th Division – Ambati Kranti (TDP)
8th Division - Varalakshmi (TDP)
9th Division - K.Ramesh (YSRCP)
10th Division - Mosa Danamma (TDP)
11th Division – G.Danamma (TDP)
12th Division- K.Suneetha (TDP)
13th Division – Bala Kameswara Rao (TDP)
14th Division - V.Umashankar (TDP)
15th Division - Chinagoti Satya Babu (TDP)
16th Division - Malladi Gangadhar (TDP)
17th Division - K.Satyaprasad (TDP)
18th Division - C.Rambabu (TDP)
19th Division – P.Anantha Kumar (TDP)
20th Division - Satyanarayana (TDP)
21st Division - Burra Vijaya Kumari (TDP)
22nd Division – John Kishore (YSRCP)
23rd Division - Sri Devi (YSRCP)
24th Division - Uday Kumar (YSRCP)
25th Division – K.Seetha (TDP)
26th Division - Sangani Nandam (TDP)
27th Division - Rajana Mangaratnam (TDP)
28th Division – Sunkara Pavani (TDP)
29th Division - Vasireddy Rambabu (TDP)
30th Division - Chandra Kala Deepti (YSRCP)
31st Division- Bangaru Suryavati (TDP
32nd Division - R.Satyanarayana (YSRCP)
33rd Division - Gujju Durga (TDP)
34th Division – Taher Katun (TDP)
35th Division - B.Ramakrishna (Independent)
36th Division - Lakshmi Prasanna (BJP)
37th Division – Lanka Hemalatha (TDP)
38th Division - M.Seshu Kumari (TDP)
39th Division - M.Nagadeepika (Independent)
40th Division – Sivaprasanna (TDP)
41st Division - Satyavathi (BJP)
43rd Division - Pawan Kumar (TDP)
44th Division - Imidisetty Venkataramanamma (TDP)
45th Division - Sailaja (TDP)
46th Division - Korimilli Bala Prasad (TDP)
47th Division - Venkata Lakshmi (YSRCP)
49th Division - Usharani (TDP)
50th Division - Palivella Venkata Trimurtulu (TDP)

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