Jagan Mohan Reddy to launch padayatra from October 27

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Sunday, July 9, 2017

YSRCP national president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy announced in the plenary that he would undertake padayatra to know the problems of the people.

Jagan announced that he would undertake padayatra from October 27 from Idupulapaya to Itchapuram for nearly 90 days covering nearly 3,000 kilometers. He said that he would seek the blessing of Lord Venkateswara Swamy by trekking the hills

He announced a series of welfare measures that would be implemented on coming to power for the benefit and welfare of the people.

  • 1. YSR Rythu Bharosa:: Rs.50,000 will be given to all small and medium farmers who are having less than 5 acres of land. Rs.12,500 will be given in the month of May for four years directly to the farmers. Price Stabilization Fund would be established with Rs.3,000 crore as corpus fund. This would benefit nearly 66 lakh farmers families.
  • 2. YSR Asara:: After coming to power, all loans of DWCRA would be waived off in four phases to the tune of Rs.15,000 crore. Zero or 0.25paise interest loans would be given to the women community which will benefit 89 lakh women.
  • 3. Hike in pensions:: The pensions to the aged persons and Divyangula will be increased to Rs.2,000 from Rs.1,000 that will benefit to 45 lakh people.
  • 4. Amma Vodi:: Under this, Rs.1,000 would be given to two children of a family studying from 1st to 5th standard and Rs.1,500 for children studying from 6th to 10th standard and Rs.2,000 for Intermediate education.
  • 5. House for poor:: All poor people would be given constructed houses and registration would be made in their names on the day of allotment. In case of necessary, they can get loans from the houses allotted with 0.25paise interest rate.
  • 6. Revival of Arogya Sri scheme:: Full fledged budget amount would be allotted to the scheme. Special pension would be given to the people suffering with kidney diseases. This would benefit to 1.38 crore people.
  • 7. Fee reimbursement:: The government would take up the responsivity of reimbursement of the expenditure for poor students’ education. Rs.20,000 would be given to the students for boarding and lodging fee along with reimbursement of fee. This would benefit to 15.80 lakh students.
  • 8. Jala Yagnam:: All the pending projects would be completed on war footing and water would be made available for 56 lakh acres of land.
  • 9. Ban of liquor in a phased manner:: After coming to power, the government would enforce ban on liquor in three phases.

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