High Court gives clearance for sale of Sadavarthi lands to third party at a higher rate

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Thursday, July 3, 0217

A Division Bench of the Hyderabad High Court comprising acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice T.Rajani today dealing with a Public Interest Litigation filed by YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy allowed the sale of Sadavarthi land to third party.

YSRCP Mangalagiri MLA in his petition complained that 83 acres belonging to Choultry were being sold for a meagre Rs.22.44 crore by the government. He alleged fixing of the auction bids. The government contended that the best price was offered in the open auction as there were litigations from encroachers. The government had offered to give the land to him or to a person of his choice if Rs.5 crore more was paid.

The Division Bench was told that one person was ready to meet the government’s offer and the Bench has given two weeks time to the third party to pay Rs.10 core and two more weeks for pay Rs.17.44 crore. It this schedule was not met, the court would examine whether to impose heavy costs up to Rs.1 core on the petitioner. The case was posted for two weeks.

The value of the lands is said to be over Rs.1,000 crore, the TDP top people wanted to take it for Rs.22.44 crore in auction. The chronology of the events goes according to sources::

Pedakurapadu MLA Kommalapati Sridhar has written a letter to the CMO on August 18, 2014.Responding to the letter, the CMO has permitted the Endowments department for sale in April 2015. On March 28, 2016, out of 471.76. auction was completed for the sale of 83.11 acres. Officials said that these lands were allotted to M.Sanjeeva Reddy, M.Sunitha Reddy, Chavali Krishna Reddy, M.Suryakiran Mouli, D.Pawan Kumar, Chalamalasetty Lakshmi Padmavati, Chalamalasetty Niranjan Babu, R.Sivarama Krishna Rao. Chalamalasetty Lakshmi Padmavati, Niranjanbabu are the wife and son of Chalamalassetty Ramanujaya, Chairman of State Kapu Corporation.It was proposed to sell the lands at a nominal price of Rs.50 lakhs per acre that were situated near Chennai on the plea of them being under illegal occupation.In the first auction held on March 28, 2016, no body came forward to purchase the lands. Then attempts were made to sell the land at the rate of Rs.27,00,188 per acre.

Violation of rules:: The Endowments Commissioner has issued a memo no.A4/14389 in 2011 that states that e-tender process has to be implemented but in this case, it was overlooked. The Regional Commissioner D. Brahamarmba has written two letters to the higher authorities stating that the cost of the last per acre would be Rs.6 crore. She raised the objection of selling the lands at a meagre Rs.27 lakh per acre . Overlooking the objections, the sale proceedings have been issued on April 24 to Chalamalasetty Ramanujaya family members. On June 8, 2016, the Regional Joint Commissioner Brahamarmba has submitted another report stating that the March 28 auction was held in violation despite her objections.

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