Dial 112 for all emergency services to come soon

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Monday, March 28, 2016
New Delhi

  • 112 will be rolled out within months
  • People will be able to call even if their SIM was blocked
  • Existing numbers will continue until government spreads awareness on 112.

The Telecom Commission on Monday approved ‘112’ as the new single number for help during emergency situations including police, ambulance and the fire department. This is all-in-one emergency service number.

Telecom Commission has accepted TRAI’s recommendation on single emergency number 112. It will now be drafted by the department of telecom and will require telecom minister’s approval. It will be rolled out within months rather than a year said officials.

Even those people whose SIM has been blocked or out going stopped by the operators will be able to call 112. All existing emergency numbers will be phased out within a year of rolling out of ‘112’ depending upon the awareness about the new facility.

Currently, a person has to all different emergency numbers depending on the situations including 100 for police, 101 for fire brigade, 102 for ambulance and 108 for Emergency Disaster Management. In many states special categories of citizens like Women in distress-181 (Delhi), Missing Children and Women -1094(Delhi), Crime against Women-1096(Delhi), Police Headquarters helpline -1090- (UP) among others.

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