DSC examinations from next year by APPSC

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

APPSC Chairman P.Uday Bhaskar has said that the government has decided to entrust the conduct of the DSC examinations to the commission from next year and the process is likely to be completed by the end of June 2018.

Speaking to media on Thursday, he said that the Group I (2011) interviews would be conducted at the commission’s new headquarters in Vijayawada from January 22 to February 20. This would be followed by Group I (22016) interviews. Candidates who were qualified in both Group II and Group III posts would be asked to exercise their choice at the time of verification of certificates for Group II posts which would be taken up in the first and second weeks of January. Fresh recruitment would be taken up for Group III posts that remain vacant after the candidates exercised their choice. The results of Group III examination for 1,055 posts was ready.

Uday Bhaskar said that steps are being taken to fill vacancies in Universities for which the Assembly had passed an enabling resolution. He sid that the APPSC had 450 posts in the combine State and it was left with about 150 after bifurcation and the government had been requested to bridge the shortfall of 300 posts.

The APPSC had issued 34 notifications in the last three years and it could fill the mandate in all but three instances of recruitment which were hampered by court cases.

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