Cockfights - High Court expresses its anger if names were not furnished to the court

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

  • We have seen the persons who openly challenged in cockfights
  • Court directs to submit organizers in 809 places
  • Questions actions taken against Tehsildar and Sis
  • Case posted to February 12

The Hyderabad High Court Division Bench comprising of acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice MSK.Jaiswal expressed its anger on the people representatives who violated the court orders in not conducting the cock fights.

The court said that they have seen the people representatives who challenged to organize cock fights and directed to place their names before the court. In case if they are unable to submit, the court will get their names based on the TV footages.

The court felt that the administration has bowed down before the people representatives. The court ordered the government to place the names of the people representatives and organizers who organized cock fights in 809 locations in twin Godavari districts. The court also ordered the action taken against 43 Tehsildars and 48 Sub-inspectors who failed to honour the court’s orders. The court has ordered the Chief Secretary and the DGP to submit the same and posted the case to February 12.

The Division Bench dealing with a PIL filed by Ramachandra Raju to direct the authorities to see that no cockfights, indecent dances, gambling during Sankranti celebrations. State Chief Secretary Dinesh Kumar personally attended the Court on Monday. However, his presence for the next hearing was exempted. The court directed the Advocate General D.Srinivas to place the reports before it.

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