Aadhaar Bill 2016 passed

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Friday, March 11, 2016
New Delhi

  • States will save thousands of crores
  • Bill will empower States to distribute resources to the deserving

Aadhaar Bill 2016 was passed in Lok Sabha on Friday.

The Aadhaar (Target Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services ) Bill 2016 was introduced in Lok Sabha on March 3, 20163 and was passed amid vociferous protests by the Opposition that alleged the Rajya Sabha’s sanctity had been undermined.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley who introduced the bill last week, countered by saying since the Bill involves spending from te Consolidated Fund of India 0and it had to be a money bill. He said that some data could be shared with an individual’s consent.

Rs.15,000 crore saved::
Finance Minister said that through the Aadhaar system, thousands of crores of rupees will be saved by routing government subsidy. The Bill will empower the States to distribute resources of the State to deserving people and save the resources that undeserving people get. The effect is going to be on the Centre and State Governments which will save thousands of crore, he said. He further said that targeted subsidy through Aadhaar cards of LPG consumers had resulted in savings of over Rs.15,000 crore at the Centre.

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