APERC chief gives clarification over payment of compensation in electrical accidents

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Authority Commission (APERC) Chairman Justice G.Bhavani Prasad said that the apex court had made it clear that the loss of life and physical disabilities suffered by those involved in hazardous occupations and dealing with dangerous objects should be compensated without fail irrespective of whose mistake it may be.

This was the guiding principle that the APERC has followed in framing the ‘Compensation to Victims of Electrical Accidents Regulation No.2 of 2017’ that makes payment of compensation mandatory.

Releasing a new regulation that was released by Supreme Court Judge N.V.Ramana in the form of a booklet today, Justice Bhavani Prasad said the courts could adjudicate the victims’ claims to compensation but only a handful of them were aware of the right resulting in a very few people approaching the courts.

The draft on compensation can be had

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