20 per cent of Bengal candidates in Phase I polls face criminal cases

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A report published by a Civil Society Organization ‘Election Watch’ said that 20 per cent of the candidates in the first phase of the Assembly elections in West Bengal have criminal cases pending against them.

The report that was released by West Bengal Election Watch on Wednesday said that in their affidavits to the EC, 21 of the 133 candidates in Phase I (A) had declared that they faced criminal cases. 17 of the candidates faced ‘serious criminal cases’ of murder, rape, kidnapping, robbery and crimes against women. Three of the 18 candidates of BJP, two of the 18 of Trinamool Congress, two of the five of the Congress and one of the 11 of CPI (Marxist) face the serious cases.

In Phase 1(B), of the 37 of the 163 candidates face criminal cases and 32 face serious allegations. One candidate of the CPI(M) from the Asansol Dakshin constituency has declared one charge related to murder and six candidate shave declared cases of attempt to murder, the Election Watch reported. 12 candidates of the BJP, 10 of the 31 of Trinamool, 7 of the 19 of the CPI(M) and 3 of the Congress face criminal cases.

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