‘No going back on no-trust motion’, says YSRCP

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Monday, February 26, 2018

The YSRCP has decided to stall the proceedings from March 5 to press for a debate on the demand for SCS and voting in the Lok Sabha as TDP remained non-committal on walking out of NDA government over the issue.

YSRCP chief Jagan Reddy accused Chandrababu Naidu was shedding crocodile tears for the cause of SCS to the State. He said that the euphoria over the change in the stand of the Chief Minister in favour of SCS was lost within four days with the TDP not coming forward to announce its support to the motion proposed to be moved by the YSRCP.

It is unfortunate that en-masse resignations for all MPs from the State a the end of the session mooted by his party found no favor from the TDP either, he lamented. He said the same during his 98th day of his Praja Sankalpa Yatra at Podili in Prakasam district.

Jagan disputed the claim of the State government’s contention that the State wooed industrial investments to the tune of Rs.4,39,000 crore during the ongoing Partnership Summit in Visakhapatnam after attracting to the tune of Rs.15,00,000 crore in the previous two years. Industrial Entrepreneurs Memoranda filed by the captains of industry to attract a meagre investment of Rs.4,500 crore, Rs.10,000 crore and Rs.4,400 crore in 2015, 2016 and 2017 respectively, he said.

YRSCP chief whip in Parliament Y.V.Subba Reddy said the party would go for floor coordination with like minded parties even while insisting on discussion on the notice issued by him under rule 184 of the Lok Sabha which entailed voting. After waiting till March 20, the party will table a motion of no-confidence on March 21, he said.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader J.D.Seelam said that the Congress will move a cut motion opposing non-allocation of funds for the Polavaram project in the Finance Bill during the Budget sessions of the Parliament. It wanted the TDP and YSRCP to support it to bring down Modi government. He led a demonstration in front of the Collectorate today to press for SCS and said that the party had also given a notice for a debate on the SCS issued under rule 184 of the Lok Sabha was also ready to support a motion of no-confidence if moved by any other party.

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