‘No fuel - No helmet’ rule introduces in Chittoor

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The ‘No fuel-No helmet’ rule was introduced in all over Chittoor district on September 14.

All the 16 petrol pumps under the Chittoor Corporation are kept under round-the-clock surveillance by police personnel, community police officers and students. The digital surveillance has helped the police to implement the rule in true spirit.

During the last three years, the casualty rate is high and number has been escalating forcing the rule to be implemented since Chittoor city is a vital junction connected to the busy National High Way towards Chennai, Vellore and Bengaluru. The slapping of high penalties though continued to be violated and the number of those adhering to it stood below 10 per cent till September 13.

District Collector P.S.Pradyumna and SP S.V.Rajasekhar Babu has given strict instructions the ‘No helmet-No fuel’ rule to be implemented strictly. With this rule in force, on the first day itself, the success saw more than 20 per cent and is in the coming days, it is hoped to reach the cent percent implementation of the rule.

Police source said that over 2,000 police, volunteers and students have been deployed to monitor the rule in Chittoor, Puttur, Madanapalle and Palamaneru divisions. In order to assist the motorcyclists, we have spoken to the agents selling helmets from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The bulk stocks are being kept at all petrol stations and sole to the bike riders at a subsidy. A helmet costing Rs.1,000 is sole at Rs.600’, said police officials.

The DSP K.Kesappa said that the police has initiated another rule to prompt the students and youth to wear helmets. ‘Whenever we find a youth coming to the petrol pump without helmet, he would not only be barred entry into the petrol pump but also to furnish the mobile numbers of his parents. We will call the parents to make themselves realize how dangerous it would be to allow their children go without helmets. Sometimes, we ask the parents to come to the police stations for counselling, he said. The rule is also under strict implementation in Kuppam region.

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