YSRCP demands resignation of defected party MLAs

Sunday, February 28, 2016

YSRCP Political Affairs Committee member Ambati Rambabu said that it will press for the resignation of the defected MLAs and go for by-election to prove who has the people’s mandate.

Speaking to media, he said that luring MLAs was a mockery of democracy and the disqualification of the defected legislators was imminent. People’s court would give the mandate as to who stood for morals and values whether Chandrababu or Jagan Mohan Reddy.

On moving of no confidence motion against the Speaker, Ambati Rambabu said that ‘we shall see what will the defected legislators do’. He said that Jagan was a born fighter and the party survived many a crisis but he had never compromised and even went to jail, he said. Ambati Rambabu said that while the TDP had been raising a hue and cry in Telangana over defections, the scene had been recreated in the State.

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