Vundavalli Arun Kumar meets Pawan Kalyan following latter’s invitation

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar today met the Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan at the latter’s residence following his invitation.

Addressing the media, Pawan Kalyan said that the Joint Fact Finding Committee’ would be headed by former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar, Jayaprakash Narayan, Left Parties and experts drawn from various fields. He said that he had requested the Central and State government to furnish details of what the State had so far been given so that it would be sent to the proposed JFFC or JAC to unearth the truth in their respective claims.

Pawan Kalyan said that he had supported the TDP-BJP alliance due to his confidence to their ability to serve the people but whenever he spoke about things not palatable to them, he would b branded as anti-TDP or anti-BJP. Now that the time has come to place the facts before the people as the alies were making conflicting statements. He said that he was asked to find information from the Polavaram project on a website and having received such a reply, he did not expect to be taken into confidence on the larger issues. Therefore, he felt that it is appropriate to work with people with experienced like Arun Kumar who were capable of putting things in perspective.

Vundavalli Arun Kumar said that he was prepared to join hands with Pawan Kalyan to expose the liar was, commenting that the governments never tell lies but they would not also speak truth either.

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