Violence erupts at Hyderabad Central University campus once again

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Violent protests struck the University of Hyderabad campus on Tuesday following the vice chancellor P. Appa Rao resumed duty who went on long leave after the suicide of Dalit Ph.D scholar Rohit Vemula.

Students in the morning after knowing of the news of return of Appa Rao ransacked the chambers of the vice-chancellor and also broken the window panes, office furniture, computer and scattered papers. The university security officials have close the gate but the students entered the premises scaling the wall. In the violence related incidents, three policemen sustained injuries in stone throwing by students. Five student were detained as the student groups hurled stones at the police when they were being shifted. They demanded the Vice Chancellor to leave the premises. The local police arrive and additional forces in riot gear were brought in as the number of students swelled. They continued their protest till late in the evening and did not heed when the police asked them to leave the premises.

The Union HRD ministry expressed surprise over the return of Appa Rao for duty even when a single judge commission of inquiry is examining the reasons on the death of the Dalit scholar. Appa Rao downplayed his return saying he had to return to work Ministry officials said they were closely monitoring the situation. He said that his return is based on the understanding that the commission under retired Justice Ashok.K.Roopanwal had almost concluded its work of speaking to all stakeholders of the campus.

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