UoH – SC/ST faculty resign from administrative duties

Saturday, April 9, 2016

In another move, the SC/ST faculty members with additional administrative duties have resigned from their positions. In a letter to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Appa Rao, the SC/ST Teachers Forum stated that the faculty were resigning as the former returned before the completion of the judicial probe into the death of a research scholar Rohit Vemula. The forum also expressed its displeasure at the ‘highly disturbing events’ that took place in the campus on March 22, the day Prof.Appa Rao resumed duties. It also said that Dalit students were particularly targeted and arrested by the police on the same day and that two faculty members who were trying to calm the students were unfairly arrested and the University has not condemned their arrest and instead filed false cases against them.

It may be recalled that SC/ST faculty members had submitted their resignations through the forum on January 21 four days after the death of Rohit Vemula but were withdrawn on conditions one being that Prof. Appa Rao should not continue as Vice-Chancellor of UoH.

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