Unauthorized entry - TTD serves notices to AV Ramana Deekshitulu

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The unauthorized entry of chief priest A.V.Ramana Deekshitulu along with his son and grandson through the Mahadwaram took a new turn with the TTD serving notices to temple Peishkar and Padikavili Superintendent and transferring the attendant manning the main entrance.

The controversy had arisen a few months ago when he allegedly gained entry into the temple with his son, Kumara Venkatapati Deekshitulu-also a Sambhavana archaka, who had abstained from his official duties for more than one year besides his gtradson who reportedly had no eligibility to pass through the restricted Mahadwaram.

The TTD sought explanation from the temple officials issued a warning note to the Deputy Executive Officer of the temple. The TTD recorded the version of the Jeeyangar’s Ekangi to rule out any chances of A.V.Deekshitulu taking excuse under the pretext of attending the ‘Sathumurai’ and also secured the CCTV footages relating to the day on which the incident took place.

TTD has issued a memo to Venkata Ramana Deekshitulu seeking his clarification over the episode and also transferred both his sons to the temple of Sri Govndaraja Swamy at Tirumala.

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