Trading at chilli yard stalled after traders refused to credit money

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Trading at the Asia’s biggest chilli yard was stalled today after traders refused to credit money to the accounts of the farmers directly under the newly adapted e-Nam system.

Irate farmers laid siege to the Guntur-Chilakuluripet highway disrupting traffic for more than two hours. Ever since, the Electronic National Agricultural Marketing trading has been introduced, traders and commission agents have bee reluctant to make payments online to the accounts of the farmers.

Successive rounds of talks between the traders and the commission agents on one side and the marketing department officials on the other side did not yield any results. The electronic trading portal networks the market committees to create a national market for chilli, pulses and turmeric. It also provides a single window service for all related information and services, including commodity arrivals and prices, buying and selling trade offers and provision to respond to trade offers.

Chairman, AMC, Mannava Subba Rao said the e-nam would be implemented at any cost and warned the commission agents against disrupting the smooth functioning of the system.

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