Tirupati Urban MEO in ACB trap for demanding and accepting bribe

Friday, December 15, 2017

Anti-Corruption Bureau officials today trapped the Mandal; Educational Officer of Tirupati Urban region Sudhakara Rao red-handed while he was allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs.22,000 for granting permissions to establish a school in Upadhyayanagar area.

ACB Deputy Superintendent of Police Sankar Reddy, the accused Sudhakar Rao has demanded a bribe of Rs.35,000 from one M.Nagaraju who wanted to build an upper primary school in the area. The victim has completed the necessary paper work, including challans, fees and applications and handed over his file to the DEO who in turn forwarded it to the MEO. After conducting an inspection, the MEO demanded a bribe of Rs.35,000 for clearing the file.

Despite repeated requests by Nagaraju, the MEO did not relent but agreed to reduce the amount to Rs.22,000. As Nagaraju was unwilling to pay the amount has approached the ACB and lodged a complaint. Sudhakar Rao walked right into the trap and was nabbed with the money offered by ACB via Nagaraju, leading to the subsequent raid on the office.

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