Telugu speaking States have highest number of private colleges in the country

Friday, January 1, 2016

All India Survey of Higher Education of the Ministry of HRD revealed that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State have the highest number private colleges in the country.

If 76 per cent colleges are private in the country, Andhra Pradesh with 83 per cent tops the list followed by Telangana with 82 per cent. Mizoram has the lowest with just three per cent. A big State like Bihar has just 10 per cent of its colleges under private sector. The survey revealed that government colleges in Andhra Pradesh are just 143 as against 1,445 private colleges of which 1,336 are unaided. Telangana State has 145 government colleges as against 1,223 private colleges of which 1,135 are unaided.

As per the survey report, 8,86,741 candidates in Andhra Pradesh are in the higher education sector of which only 83,729 are in government colleges. Telangana is a bit better in comparison with 1,06,001 students in government colleges and 7,39,057 in private colleges.

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