Techie undergoes height up operation at Global hospital creates flutter

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Global Hospitals
Global Hospitals

A Software engineer Nikhil Reddy, who was 5.7 feet underwent a limb strengthening and limb reconstruction surgery at Global Hospitals to increase his height without informing his parents as he could not find a life partner.

The parents of Nikhil lodged a complaint of about his boy’s missing and the police registered a case of missing case when he did not turn up for three days. The police traced him via his mobile phone that he was in Global Hospital.

The hospital officials informed the police that he had undergone surgery and Nikhil’s parents raised a hue and cry wanting to know how the surgery was done without their knowledge. A senior doctor said that he was repeatedly asked him to get his parents but sid that they were not in Medak district. The doctor said that he had been visiting the hospital for six months but he always came alone.

Nikhil has to be in three wheel chair for three months and had to take bed rest for a period of one year. High Court advocate M.Roshan Zameer said that ‘if the medical procedure is not life-threatening then the consent of a friend is enough but it is important for the hospital to insist on the presence of relatives whatever the type of surgery, they must not agree to conduct any surgery without a blood relation’s presence can be held liable for cheating.

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