Techie opts for a ‘painless death’ by inhaling nitrogen gas

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lucky Agarwal Gupta, a techie ended his life in S.R.Nagar on Wednesday following failure of the software he had developed by inhaling nitrogen gas stating that it was the easiest and painless method to kill oneself according to police.

The family members found him dead after they grew suspicious as he did not come out of his room till afternoon. As he failed to respond knocks on the door, they broke it open only to see him dead with a mask around his head. A note written by the techie and found in the room stated ‘ I am committing suicide. This is the easy and painless method’. He used a plastic mask to cover his face and connected it with a chord to the cylinder.

Police said that he searched the Internet to find out easy methods for ending life and used this one described as suicide bag.

Gupta was an engineering graduate in Information Technology and recently developed a software after working for several months on it. However, he slipped into depression as the software failed to get response in the market.

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