Tara Chowdary arrested following a complaint of attack by her sister-in-law

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Nunna police have today registered a case against small time actress Tara Chowdary based on a complaint lodged by her sister-in-law.

Sources said that Tara Chowdary had gone to her sister-in-law house on Thursday evening and picked up an argument and assaulted her. Police who rushed to the spot tried to stop attacking her but she also reportedly misbehaved with the cops. The police took her into custody and registered a case.

It may be recalled here that Tara Chowdary a former small time actor in Tollywood and was arrested earlier in 2012. The police that conducted raids on April 10, 2012 has found the visiting cards, spy cameras, sexually explicit video and audio clips as well as a diary. The seizures reveal records of six MPs, 18 MLAs, influential politicians, eight police officer including a retired Addl.DGP, 20 businessmen some from film industry and a number of rich students. She has for the past so many years running a sex, blackmail and extorting racket. It may be recalled that she is in news right from so many years on the sex racket, extortion of money, blackmailing etc.,

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