TTD Laddu scam-employee suspended

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

One M. Venkata Ramana, an attendant working at TTD has been placed under suspension on charges of misappropriating laddus.

The TTD Joint Executive Officer Srinivasa Raju speaking to media said that Venkata Ramana joined the Donor Cell at Tirumala two years back. The cell maintains the details of the donors, coordinates their arrival and takes care of the privileges given to them. Taking advantage of his access to the details of the donors who returned home without taking the prasadam, he allegedly procured the laddus in their name and sold them.

On suspicion, the Deputy Executive Officer Rajendra screened details of the documents and found that some of them were fictitious which established Venkata Ramana’s hand.

The Vigilance investigation revealed that he sold 60,000 laddus costing Rs.15 lakhs by him. He sells 200 laddus daily for the past one year.

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