Supreme Court upheld the death penalty to the four convicts in ‘Nirbhaya’ case

Friday, May 5, 2017
New Delhi

The Supreme Court today on Friday the May 5, 2017 has upheld the death penalty for the four convicted in 2012 Delhi gang rape case.

The court said the investigation by the Delhi Police has been comprehensive. “Testimony of the victim’s friend who was with her in the bus and the first prosecution witness is unimpeachable and relied upon. The victim’s dying declaration is consistent; it has been proved beyond doubt and corroborated...Aggravating circumstances outweigh mitigating circumstances in the case; offence created a 'tsunami of shock'," the court said.

The four who will face the death sentence are Mukesh (29), Pawan (22), Vinay Sharma (23) and Akshay Kumar Singh (31). One of the accused Ram Singh had already committed suicide in the Tihar Jail while a convicted juvenile was sentenced three years of punishment in a reform home.

It may be recalled that the victim was assaulted and raped by six persons in a moving bus in south Delhi and thrown out of the vehicle along with her male friend on December 16 night. She later died in a Singapore hospital. In 2013 the Nirbhaya Act, came into existence. The new law mandated death penalty under Section 376A of the Indian Penal Code.

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