Sujana Chowdary inaugurates 50th Indian Orthodontic Conference at HICC

Friday, December 11, 2015

Orthodontics is the fraternity that makes people smile: Sujana Chowdary, Union Minister
2500 delegates from across India and abroad are attending the conference

The 50th Indian Orthodontic Conference(IOC) began here in city at HICC today. Inaugurated this evening by Y. Sujana Chowdary Hon’ble Minister of State for Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

Dr. Alan Tom, President of World Federation of Orthodontics graced as the Guest of Honour at the Inaugural.

Addressing the gathering immediately after the inauguration Sujana Chowdary said Orthodontics is the fraternity who make those people smile, who hesitate to smile. Tgat means they spread smile, he said amidst thunderous applause of 2500 gathering.

As an avid follower of evolution of Indian medicine and medical devices. I am privy to almost all the developments in the filed of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and Orthodontics. This filed of medicine was earlier confined to some privileged few. Thanks to the development and prosperity, the outreach had increase phenomenally he said.

We have to make the service delivery affordable. Fleecing the people and making the treatment expensive will not serve the cause of the profession in longer run, Chowdary said and concluded his address.

The three days conference will be held till 13th December, 2015. It is now attended by 2500 delegates from across India and abroad.

Dr. Gangadharan Prasad K, National President elect of Indian Orthodontics Society said, Orthodontic population in India is around 6000 doctors. Five hundred professionals are added each year to the profession. Orthodontistry is the oldest profession in Dentistry. Orthodontic Community in India is the largest after USA in the world, he said.

Dr. C. Deepak, Honorary Secretary of Indian Orthondontic Society said Government should regulate the profession as more and more unqualified Dentists are practicing as Orthodontists. These professionals are accessible only to rich and government must help us reach critical and rural mass.

Government must also offer subsidy to those poor who need Cleft Lip Palate treatment. As one in every 700 children born with this problem. Government gives subsidies to treat many diseases. Many countries in the world also offer subsidies for the treatment of Cleft Lip Palate a Treatment said Dr Deepak.

He also urged governments to set up Cleft Lip Palate Centers and promote the same.

The Conference is a landmark conference as it is the Golden Jubilee year of the organization. So to mark the occasion and celebrate the same, the theme of the conference was aptly put as “"celebrating 50 golden years of creating smiles”.

To mark the Jubilee Year and Celebrate the same, A Smile Torch which travelled 79 ci ties for 350 days reached its final destination Hyderabad and ended its journey. It has also reached 5 million people during these 350 days which it travelled length and breadth of the country.

In the words Dr. Nikhil Vaidya, Nation President of Indian Orthodontic Society "IOS Smile Torch is the largest ever mass contact program in the history of Orthodontics globally.

It is the milestone Golden Jubilee conference which is also its 50th Annual Conference. It is hosted by AP & Telangana Orthodontic Professionals.

The worlds best speakers along with the eminent Indian speakers are to share their knowledge, expertise and experience during these three days.

The Orthodontists of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have made elaborate arrangements for the "The 50th IOC, Hyderabad", which is considered to be the biggest ever such meet of the Orthodontic professionals. Coming together of Orthodontics is to popularize and promote the study of Orthodontics, popularize and spread the practice of Orthodontics and ed ucate people about the importance of Orthodontics in the country. India is a land of many opportunities. It is a home for many Orthodontics.

An orthodontist is a specialist who has undergone special training in a dental school or college after he/she has graduated in dentistry. The specialty deals primarily with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of mal positioned teeth and the jaws.

Some of the International & National Speakers who speak during these three days include Dr. V.P . Jayade; Dr. MK Prakash; Dr. Ravindra Nanda; Dr. Ravindra Sable; Dr. O.P. Kharbanda; Dr. Girish Karandikar; Dr. Yuki Sato Yamamoto; Dr. Vinod Verma; Dr. Ronald Hathway; Dr. Eric Liou; Dr. Peter A Mossey. These speakers are drawn from Singapore, UK, USA, China and many such countries. They discuss many subjects of great importance to the fraternity and society at large.

The history of orthodontics has been intimately linked with the history of dentistry for more than 2000 years. Dentistry always had its origins to medicine and it has always been as a part of medicine. Archaeologists have discovered mummified ancients with metal bands wrapped around individual teeth. This was first recorded history of Orthodontics.< span> Nearly 30% of the population has the problems related to Orthodontics. This treatment focuses on dental displacement only, or deal with the control and modification of facial growth.

India has 50 years of Orthodontic history. It is home for some of the best Orthodontists in the world, which is considered to be the largest in the world. The Community and their base is really increasing in India. They have been on par with the best in the world in absorbing latest technology, innovations, best and proven treatments, procedures.

Role of teeth is better chewing and digestion can't be undermined. So well aligned teeth and jaws are very important. This is more useful especially in the case of people with clefts. Normally people think that only children need dental care, but adults too. People could not approach Orthodontists due to lack of awareness. This type of conferences takes this specialization close to the people.

It is common sight to see many youngsters seen with braces over their teeth. These are done to straighten them. In India, dentists and their availability, the demand and supply ratio is far inadequate and insufficient.

The 1st dental college of India was established in Calcutta by Dr. R. Ahmed in 1924. The Nair dental college & Hospital, Bombay, came into existence in 1933. The Govt. Dental College was started in 1938 in Bombay. Orthodontics took birth in India in 1962. Today we have nearly 290 Dental Schools in India. They together produce thirty thousand graduates each year. More than 3000 post graduate students get enrolled every year in various specialties of dentistry.

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