State government plans to introduce cradle system

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Women and Child Welfare department is planning to introduce cradle system at some public places to check abandonment of children.

Cradles would allow people to safely deposit babies in them who could be handed over to the interested couples. The cradle-bell system had been in vouge for hundreds of years in orphanages and churches according to officials. ‘It is very pathetic that abandoned infants are mauled by dogs and eaten by ants in dustbins in some cases. The cradle-bell system will help to stop such brutal incidents.

K.Krishna Kumari, WD&CW Krishna district Project Director that the cradles would be kept at the Government hospitals, the bus and railway stations. People could keep the babies in them and alert officials by ringing the bell. ‘Cradles will be in cabins in secluded places. Couples who don’t babies in them. Their details will be kept confidential. The infants will be provided with shelter in ‘Sisu Gruha’ being run by the government, she said.

She added that the babies will be given for adoption to childless couples as per the procedures of the State Adoption Resource Agency and the Central Adoption Resource Authorities.

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