State’s development can only possible with Narendra Modi’s blessings

Sunday, February 18, 2018

BJP MP and State president K.Haribabu said today that the development of the State is only possible with the blessings of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Addressing the party State office-bearers’ meeting here, he said that the recent criticism of the Central government and the BJP was misleading the people and recalled that it was the BJP which espoused the cause of the State at the time of bifurcation and was fulfilling the State’s wishes in a phased manner. The Centre was looking into various demands, like the one to bridge the revenue deficit on which there was no clarity yet. He expressed regret that the TDP leaders had twisted several things out of context with a parochial mindset.

On Visakhapatnam Railway Zone with its headquarters at Visakhapatnam was objected by various sections and the Central government had initiated a dialogue with them to assuage their feelings. The seaport at Dugarajapatnam, the steel plant in Kadapa and various issues were under active consideration of the Central government.

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