Srikakulam District Collector and other Officials

K.Dhananjaya Reddy
Email :
Phone numbers: (08942) 222555, (08942) 222565

Sri K.V.N.Chakradhara Babu IAS
Joint Collector
Email :
Phone numbers: (08942) 222479, (08942) 222670

Shri P.Rajanikanta Rao, Additional Joint Collector

Sri C.M.Trivikram Varma , IPS
Superintendent of Police
Phone numbers: (08942) 222556

Sri P.Umapathi, IPS
D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police
Phone numbers: 0891-2704135, 0891-2754535

Former Collector

Sri.Dr.Gaur Uppal , IAS
Dr P. Laxminarasimham, IAS
Sri Saurabh Gaur, IAS
Sri G. Venkata Ram Reddy, IAS
Sri N. Srikanth, IAS
Sri VN Vishnu, IAS
Sri A. Koteswara Rao, IAS

Former Joint Collector

Sri Vivek Yadav, IAS
Sri Pola Bhaskar, IAS
Sri E. Sridhar, IAS
Sri Katamaneni Bhaskar, IAS
Sri G. Kishan
Sri M. Veerabrahmaiah, IAS

Former Superintendent of Police

Sri A.S.Khan IPS
Sri K.V.V.Gopal Rao, IPS
Dr M. Naganna, IPS
Sri Manish Kumar Sinha, IPS
Sri AS Gurappa, IPS

Former D.I.G./I.G./Additional D.G. of Police

Dr Soumya Mishra, IPS
Sri Govind Singh, IPS
Sri T. Aditya Tripathi

While we take extreme care to update the information on this page, we may occassionaly miss updating information on this page. Thus, information on this page need not be comprehensive and latest and is presented here as general information. Designations may not necessarily be as per protocol order.

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