Speaker announces committee to look into suspension of Roja issue

Thursday, December 24, 2015

  • Legislative Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao announced that a committee would be formed to go into the happenings in the House on 18 December 2015, the day on which YSRCP MLA RK Roja was suspended for one year
  • It was known that the Speaker has suspended YSR Congress MLA Roja for a year for making derogatory comments and using abusive language against Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu in the House during a discussion on call money racket in the House
  • YSR Congress on the other hand has termed the suspension harsh and that the Speaker had no power to suspend a member of the House for a period more than the current session
  • Responding to the latest events, Speaker had announced that a committee would be formed headed by Deputy Speaker and consisting of one member each from the three principal parties in the Assembly. Each party would nominate one member of the committee.
  • The committee would examine the overall proceedings of the House on that day, check how the proceedings were leaked to the social media, the comments made by YSRC MLA Roja and the subsequent one year suspension of the MLA. The committee would also decide whether the suspension is apt and whether other members have also used abusive language.
  • The committee would submit its report to the Privileges Committee before the budget session of the Assembly
  • The report of the Privileges panel would be submitted to the House for a debate on the recommendations
  • When asked about YSRC' claim that the Speaker has no power to suspend a MLA for one year, Kodela Sivaprasada Rao said that in the past Speakers of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi Assemblies had taken similar decisions.
  • The Speaker also sought to distance himself from the controversy raised over Government Chief Whip's claim that the proceedings were released with the permission of the Chair. The Speaker said he has given the CDs of the proceedings to the parties concerned and never said whether they can make it public or not.

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