Six of a family meets watery grave is an attempt of suicide and not accident

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mounting pressure from debtors have driven the family of Pawan Kumar into a watery grave when the car in which they were travelling plunged in Godavari at Yanam is not an accident. Police investigation reveals that a car plunged into Godavari on the Yanam-Dariayalatimma near a company on Friday night in which six family members were dead is not an accident but an attempt to end life following severe pressures from the debtors. Koppada Sattiraju and his wife Dhanalakshmi, son Pawan Kumar, daughter in law Parvati, grand daughters Rishita and Harshita were killed. The fishermen found the dead body of Pawan Kumar on Sunday at Giriyampeta island.

Initially, it is suspected it as an accident but later in the police investigation it is revealed shocking facts. Yanam Circle Inspector speaking to media on late Monday night said that Pawan Kumar has borrowed Rs.75 lakhs and unable to bear the pressure from debtors has planned to commit suicide and this plan may not be known to the family members. He assured the debtors that he will repay the amount on December 13. Pawan was working at a sub-contractor in Coramandel Fertilizers in Kakinada.

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