Singer Madhu Priya love marriage lands in police station and media

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Madhu Priya
Madhu Priya

The marriage of noted singer Madhu Priya now landed in the police station and media extensively reporting the troubles in the marriage. Madhu Priya married Srikanth on October 30, 2015 at Kagaznagar of Sirupur in Adilabad district against the wishes of their parents.

Madhu Priya and her husband Srikanth have lodged complaints of attacking against each other yesterday. While the family members of Madhu Priya alleged that Srikanth came to their residence and attacked them, Srikanth on the other hand claimed that he was invited to have a dialogue with them and that he was attacked when he went there. Srikanth was seen speaking on a television channel with severe bruises and cuts on his head.

Madhu Priya alleged that her husband Srikanth came to her residence with weapons to attack her physically on Saturday night. She lodged a complaint with Banjara Hills police. Madhu Priya and Srikanth, while speaking live on a TV channel, made allegations at each other. Srikanth challenged that if Madhu Priya proves her allegations, he is ready to go jail. He said that his brother-in-law Mahesh had telephoned him asking him to Mehdipatnam police station and then at Osmania and then Fever hospital and finally asked him to residence where he was beaten with rods with one Srikanth Reddy. He said that he never harassed her either for property of for dowry, as claimed by the Madhu Priya's family members.

It may be recalled that Madhu Priya secretly married her then boyfriend Srikanth against her parents will. Madhu Priya knew Srikanth from 2 years before their wedding and her parents refused him for his financial status. They even reportedly tried to kidnap her to prevent the wedding. Their wedding became a sensational news on the media.

Police counsels the couple

After the case landed at the Himayatnagar police station, the police counseled them separately at first and then together in the afternoon today. Madhu Priya alleged that Srikanth has been harassing her to bring properties as dowry and is physically abusing her.

Temporary end to the dispute

The marriage dispute came to an end temporarily after the counseling of the Himayatnagar police. A psychologist was present during the counseling which went on for nearly four hours in the evening. Sources said that an understanding has been reached between the couple. Police sources said that another round of counseling will be given to them after two or three days.

On the issue of alleged attack on Srikanth by the family members of Madhu Priya, police said that the case is in the purview of Uppal police station. Madhu Priya said that she would make a final decision only after second round of counseling and that she will stay with her parents till then. Srikanth when asked about his opinion said ‘She is good’ but added that her parents should not interfere in his family affairs.

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