Rajya Sabha MP Anil Madhav Dave addresses seminar on Shivaji—Role Model for Good Governance

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Shivaji was a master strategist at war time and astute administrator at peace time: Anil Madhav Dave, MP

Seminar on Shivaji—Role Model for Good Governance held

Also an English version book of ‘Shivaji, Swaraj & Suraj’ Launched

Sitting Rajya Sabha Member, Author, Social Activist, Pilot turned Social Worker, Anil Madhav Dave addressed a Seminar on Shivaji—Role Model for Good Governance here in city on Saturday evening at PGRR Centre for Distance Education, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad.

Also on the occasion an English version book of ‘Shivaji, Swaraj & Suraj’, An Iconic Leader – Role of Model for Good Governance was launched. The Foreword of the book is written by Narendra Modi.

Dattatreya Hosabala, Joint General Secretary, RSS was the Chief Guest. The function was chaired by MVR Sastry, Editor, Andhra Bhoomi.

Shivaji should be known not only as brave hero, warrior but also as a role model for Good Governance. Shivaji was a torchbearer of good governance. He was a good decision maker. If you see and study his entire lifespan, Shivaji never made errors while taking decisions. He never got influenced or affected by any events. Be it the colour of the skin, or external pressure while taking decisions, he stood firm and took right decisions. He is always recognised the true talents, relied on them and got the best out of them and reached his goals. He was sagacious and his prowess in judging people was exemplary. So Shivaji’s governance practices though after many years, still has relevance. The subjects chosen Shivaji as role model for good governance is more apt, relevant today and is need of the hour.

Shivaji was an astute planner. He was compass ones on establishing sound administration system and believed that system is more important than individual. He believed in team work. He delegated powers. When he stayed away from his kingdom n Agra for four months, his kingdom was run smooth without any hitches said Anil Madhav Dave

4000 years ago Shivaji was more technosavvy and managed to give instructions to 20,000 soldiers in just 3 minutes. He was an ingenious planner. He was a meticulous planner, he said

Shivaji was meticulous planner and had good financial discipline. When he took over governance he got 30 villages and small cash in balance. But, when he died, he had 90,000 million cash in balance. He had 1670 crore cash in miscellaneous account. He owned 50,000.

Shivaji was well balanced in life. He was away from Dhritarashtra Syndrome. He had no relatives in power informed Anil Madhav Dave

Shivaji, Swaraj & Suraj English version book authored by Anil Madhav Dave was launched on the occasion. The 276 pages book was dedicated to the miry of those unsung soldiers of administration who consumed their existence in the service of good governance. In his Foreword in the book Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his governance is an indispensable today for the success of any polity. Shivaji was a great nation builder he said.

Modi also added in that Foreword quoting Portuguese Viceroy Carl D St Vincent, Modi said that Shavaji was comparable to emperors like Alexander and Julius Caesar.

The book highlighted Shivajis's 22 Original Edicts on the art of leadership.

I haven't written anything which had no reference in the book. I have thoroughly checked every content published on this book Anil Dave said.

The Seminar and Book launch was organised by Social Cause, a city based voluntary organisation that has been working on public awareness on some important public issues for the past 12years.

Anil Madhav Dave is presently a Member of Parliament, in Rajya Sabha, from BJP, elected from MP, He is a member of Standing Committee on Water Resources. Pilot turned social worker. Anil Dave keeps track of United Nation program for global warming and climate change run by UNFCCC. He is a committed environmentalist and the founder of Narmada Samagra, an organization that works in the area of river conservation and river health. He is a student of Indian folk and elite traditions and is a former editor of the monthly magazine Charaiveti.

Some of his works published works in English include: Yes I Can, So Can We; Beyond Copenhagen and in Hindi Srijan Se Visarjan Tak; Narmada Samagra and others

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