RTC flexi fare on two routes- Bengaluru and Chennai

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The Visakhapatnam Region of the APSRTC has introduced ‘flexi fare’ on two long distance routes on an experimental basis with effect from Monday midnight.

There will be 20 per cent reduction in the fare on the Garuda service on the Vizag-Bengaluru and on the Garuda and Amaravati services on the Vizag-Chennai route, on non-peak days. The actual fare to Chennai by Amaravati service is Rs.1,764. During lean days, passengers can avail themselves of a discount up to Rs.327. On Garuda service, the actual fare is Rs.1,521 and it will be Rs.281 less during non-peak days. The fare to Bengaluru is Rs.2,051 and a discount of Rs.383 will be available on non-peak days. The fares would go up on the days on which there is high demand.

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