RTC decides to implement ‘dynamic pricing’ policy

Sunday, January 10, 2016

  • Just like air fares, APSRTC to reduce ticket rate when there is lesser demand
  • Travelers on Tuesday s and Fridays may get most cheap tickets.

APSRTC indents to bring innovation in a big way to fill its empty coffers. The authorities have decided to embrace ‘dynamic pricing policy’ by designing this new-fangled concept.

Under this, just like air fares which are reduced on days when there is less customer traffic, the RTC wants to reduce the RTC bus fare on particular days, especially Tuesdays’, said APSRTC Vice-Chairman and MD N. Sambasiva Rao. He said that on some week days like Thursday and Fridays, people guided by ancient beliefs do not travel. ‘People of East and West Godavari district do not travel at all on these days and added that pricing on these days will be reduced to make more people travel.

The RTC plans to like introduction of a lucky dip and a lottery scheme to attract the rural masses and wanted to wean them away from unsafe modes of travelling.

According to sources, RTC statistics say that Fridays are most lean days in terms of revenue whereas Tuesdays are the second least revenue days.

Sambasiva Rao defended the 50 per cent hike in the buses fare on special occasions like festivals. He said that nearly 12,000 services operated , additional fares are being collected for not more than 150 buses. On normal days, we operate these 12,000 buses at ordinary services and charge normal fare. But during festivals, these buses always start from a destination fully crowded but in return trip they are almost always empty, he explained.

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