Public Representatives participate in cockfight at Pithapuram

Thursday, January 11, 2018
Pithapuram (EG Dist.

Two people’s representatives have participated in the cockfight at Pithapuram today when a controversy is raging over the cockfights in costal Andhra Pradesh.

Kakinada MP Thota Narasimham and Pithapuram MLA SVSN Varma actively took part in the cockfight which was conducted during ‘Sankranti Sambaralu’ as part of the valedictory of the Janmabhoomi Maa Vooru programme arranged the municipal high school grounds. The organizers conducted various events including Rangoli, bonfire and gangireddulu.

Two white cocks were brought to the venue and handed over to the MP and MLA who staged a show amid fanfare for more than half an hour. One of the officials who organized the event said that as no dangers were fitted to the birds, it would not attract action. Moreover, he said that it is part of the culture of the Godavari districts

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