Police and villagers clash at Vamsadhara area – 30 persons injured

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Over thirty villagers were injured in a clash between them and the police at Padali village of Hiramandalam on Wednesday.

Sources said that the villagers reportedly retaliated when the police tried to prevent them from stopping the Vamsadhara project work. The residents of other areas too joined with the rumors spread that one villager was killed in the incident. Superintendent of Police C.M.Trivikram Varma rushed to the sport to monitor the situation. The police could bring the situation under control by the evening.

Reliable sources said that the residents of Duggipuram had stopped the work in the early hours and alleged that the district administration had failed to pay them the legitimate compensation and accept their demands. They reportedly said that they would not allow the work to go on.

The State government recently sanctioned rs.421 crore for the youth package and compensation. However, officials made it clear that it was not possible to apply the new Act as the acquisition was completed in 2005-06 itself. District Collector K.Dhanunjaya Reddy and Joint Collector K.V.N.Chakradharababu are monitoring the situation.

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