Pattadar passbooks for temple lands to be cancelled

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Encroachers in the Hindu temple lands can no longer sell in their possession as the authorities has initiated measures to safe guard them.

Hindu Religious and Endowments Assistant Commissioner V.Srinivasa Reddy said that any Pattadar passbook issued for the temple land by revenue officials in the past would be cancelled forthwith. He said that most of the lands were given in the past for running ‘Chalivendram’ and also classified as ‘Dharma Thopu’ meant for village common good in those days when the temples were the centre of socio-economic and cultural activities.

The Assistant Commissioner said that after an elaborate exercise conducted in Prakasam district, the department found nearly 13,600 acres of temples lands worth more than Rs.1,300 crore were under encroachment. He said that the list of the lands would be made available at the registration officers concerned to put an end to their illegal sale, even if the stretches had changed hands several times in the past. As many as 46,373 acres of temple lands so far had been made online and the rest would be uploaded onto the department’s website.

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