Panels formed to convince farmers for LPS

Friday, February 24, 2017

Minister for BC Welfare Kollu Ravindra and Machilipatnam MP K.Narayana on Friday appointed village level committee comprising the TDP members to convince the farmers to part with their land for the port. Ravindra has asked the village level teams to identify and document errors with regard to classification of land in order to change them in the official records before gathering it for the port.

The Machilipatnam Area Development Authority, Krishna District Collector Babu.A. and Kollu Ravindra have intensified their efforts to hand over nearly 5,200 acres of land to the Department of Ports for developing the port. The government owns 3,014 acres of land including 654 acres of assigned land and the rest of the land was to be gathered under the Land Polling Scheme.

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