Online applications for Haj – one-time eligibility for pilgrimage

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Andhra Pradesh State Haj Committee Chairman Momin Ahmad Hussain today formally released the application for Haj for 2018 and called upon the eligible to utilise the opportunity.

AP was the first State to have the total online system and this year also applicants can submit online applications. We have trained the district Haj societies accordingly and applicants can seek their help’, he said. Online applications can be submitted starting November 15 at The last date for submission of applications is December 7.

On selection process, he said that persons aged about 70 years would ber considered under the reserve category and would be directly eligible on the pilgrimage and the rest have to go through a lottery system. A person is eligible for the pilgrimage only once in his lifetime and applying second time by making payment may result in loss of money which would not be refunded, he said. More information can be had on

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