Ongole MP Subba Reddy gets relief in a case relating to General elections

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ongole MP Y.V.Subba Reddy of YSRCP got a relief from Hyderabad High Court in a case during 2014 general elections.

Justice Raja Elango of High Court on Tuesday stayed further proceedings at a trial court in Prakasam district against Subba Reddy while dealing with a quash petition moved by the MP. Subba Reddy challenged the action of the police in registering a case during 2014 general elections campaign and the filing of a charge sheet against him before the trial court.

Janikaram Reddy, counsel for the petitioner told the court that the police registered the case against his client with the charges that caused obstruction to traffic and held a meeting without permission in Podili town. The counsel said the grounds were baseless. The police failed to place the route map in which the petitioner caused obstruction to traffic and the petitioner held the meeting with prior permission from the police and placed a copy of the permission from the police to hold the meeting.

Justice Raja Elango stayed all further proceedings in the trial court.

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