Nellore Police WhatsApp number 9390777727

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Nellore police has introduced ‘public eye’ and the people from all walks of life can register their complaints their complaints, grievances and so on to enable the police to take effective and speedier actions.

The people have been invited to make any sort of complaint or provide information regarding law and order, traffic or anti-social activities. The inputs may be in the form of videos, photos, voice and SMS messages regarding the violations offences or grievances.

A dedicated phone number – 9390777727 has been provided to which the public can make all unreported complaints. This is for the first time that a dedicated number is taken for this service. The public are beginning to use this. For effective results, an officer of the rank of CI is given the charge of monitoring this said Superintendent of Police Visahal Gunni. The citizens can also do so on a website recently launched by the DGP J.V.Ramudu. Dr. Gulati said in the crime meeting in Kadapa, the SP advised the people to utilize the facilities to alert the police and thereby help themselves.

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