Nara Lokesh visits Google, Facebook offices and explains State initiatives on IT

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Minister for IT Nara Lokesh today visited the offices of Facebook ad Google as part of his tour for investments in the United States.

According to a release, Lokesh met the representatives of Google Data Centre and explained them the large scale advanced technology being used in the State. He said the government had also introduced a cloud policy towards establishment of cloud data centres. The release stated that the representatives of Google had responded positively towards setting up cloud mini clusters and extending cooperation to the government in the regard.

He told the Facebook representatives that the Fibre Grid project of the State would increase Internet penetration in the State and also create huge scope for Facebook. He had a meeting with Lip-Bu Tan, the CEO of Cadence Design Systems an electronic design animation software and engineering company having over 2,500 employees in its offices in India. Lokesh explained the scope of manufacturing and electronics industry which was growing in the State.

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