Mudragada calls of indefinite fast following government agrees his demands

Monday, February 8, 2016

Kapu leader and former Minister Mudragada Padmanabham has called off his four day fast demanding allotment of Rs.1,900 crore to the BC Corporation and including Kapus in BCs lit. The TDP leaders Kala Venkata Rao, MLC B.Bhaskara Rama Rao, Thota Trimurtulu and minister Atchannaidu held discussions with the fasting leader for over an hour and half and agreed the demands.

The government has agreed to take the nine-month deadline given to Manjunatha Commission from the date of Cabinet decision. The government has also decided to allocate Rs.500 crore for Kapu welfare and all the applications received by the Kapu Development Corporation would be considered positively. The Government has agreed to allocate Rs.1000 crore in the coming annual budget. Mudragada's proposal to include a person suggested by him in the BC welfare corporation would be placed before the Government

Chief Minister expresses impatience over media’s prominence on Mudragada news
Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu expressed his impatience over the media for giving importance to the Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham couple’s indefinite fast. He expressed this with the media persons and added that the government is conducting International Fleet Review in a remarkable manner, he said that instead of giving prominence to the news is giving importance to Mudragada news. He said that he visited so many countries and participated in many programmes but no where the International Fleet Review was held in a more prestigious manner.

Mudragada demands:

  • Demands immediate inclusion of Kapus in BCs
  • G.O.No.30 issued in 1993 should be legalized
  • Revivial of GO.3250 issued on October 14, 1961
  • Inclusion of BCs without waiting for Commission’s report and include Kapus in BCs based on *GO.No.30, 3250 an executive orders to be passed
  • To reduce the time limit set to Manjunatha Commission to three months from 9 months.
  • Immediate release of Rs.1,900 crore for BC Corporation
  • Government to take responsibility for the arson and lift all the cases registered.

Government responds::

  • No mention of GO No.30, 3250
  • No mention of Executive order
  • To wait for Manjunatha commission for another seven months, since two months were already lapsed
  • Rs.500 crore for Kapu Corporation
  • Rs.1,000 crore will be allocated in the next budget
  • All loan applications will be taken into consideration
  • To list the name suggested by Mudragada in Manjunatha Commission
  • No cases will be there but stringent action on those held after a detailed inquiry.

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