LPS farmers can construct apartments

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Zonal Regulations of Amaravati Capital City Area issued by the Capital Regional Development Authority (CRDA) allows the LPS farmers and land owners to construct medium rise apartments of G+11 floors and villas of G+2.

CRDA has listed the permitted uses, prohibited uses and conditional uses for various zones including R3 Medium and High density zones. High rise buildings are not permitted in the plots to be given to the farmers. Likewise in commercial area of C2 (General Commercial Zone) to be allotted to the farmers CRDA allows only ground plus five floors for construction of buildings.

In C2 area restaurants, apartments, dormitories, bakeries, ATM, private offices, banks, financial institution, hypermarkets, eateries will be allowed. The regulations has fied the parking dimension, building setbacks, building exterior projections and even the minute details of every construction to be taken up in various zones including R3 and C2 to be given to the farmers. The rules clearly says each building has to have a parking lot whether it is an apartment or villa or residential or commercial. However, existing buildings are exempted form undergoing repairs or alterations or additions and change of occupancy but they have to following National Building Code.

R3 (Medium and High Density Zone)

  • Medium reside apartments allowed only 12 metre road
  • The maximum floor area ratio varies from 1.7 to 2.4
  • Medium rise apartments G plus 11
  • Villas G+2 with ground 4.5 max floor areas and 3.6 in upper floors

C2 Commercial Zone

  • Conditional uses
  • Public facilities
  • Petrol stations
  • Apartment (on the send storey and above)
  • All permitted uses in C1 Zone

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