Kakinada Municipal Corporation receives Rs.51.5 lakh in three days

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Kakinada Municipal Corporation has seen inflow of Rs.51.5 lakh in three days following the notification issued by the State Election Commission to conduct the municipal polls that made it mandatory for the contestants to clear of all their dues.

It is interesting to note that of the 493 aspirants who have filed their nominations, most of them have cleared at least one due and obtained no due certificate from the officials. The last minute rush at the counters for two days from August 9 has forced the Corporation employees to work for extra hours.

The Kakinada Municipal Corporation has received Rs.19.17 lakh towards house tax dues, Rs.6.44 lakh towards water tax and another Rs.6.24 lakh against the vacant land tax from the aspirants. In addition to this Rs.18.65 lakh collected towards the nomination fee which, however, is refundable in the event of withdrawal of the nominations.

The election officials rejected 44 nominations during the scrutiny as the candidates had filed to fulfil the formalities specified by the Election Commission. After the scrutiny, 449 candidates are in the poll.

It may be recalled that the SEC issues notification for Kakinada Municipal Corporation elections.

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